Continuous Stress Monitor: CSM

I hate that I haven’t written in over a week.


My CGM has officially taken on a new role, a CSM. With a frenzied day-to-day existence right now, comprised of 12+ hour days, ever-changing Levemir doses, quick meals on the fly before exams, endless hours trying to navigate Adobe Illustrator to create  a research poster in time for the conference in T-minus 12 days…well. That’s why I haven’t written.


In a nutshell, here are some thoughts about the college diabetic-celiac existence in a period of beyond high stress:

1. Yes, I know that stressing about the stress of high blood sugars is obviously not helping.

2. I also know that I can’t run on empty and survive a day of nearly not eating cause of the stress-caused high blood sugars and that the not eating practically all day is just going to cause more stress. *cue Brianna tornado of hunger and high blood sugar anger*

3. But, sometimes that’s just a day in the life. These few weeks have been very trying of my mental strength, and my physical not-so-strength. With two conferences, 4 exams, and 21 days of classes left–I’ve got to pull through.

4. PS- though this is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, the extra days past 1 week on the CGM are allowing for some crazy accurate days, which is one less thing to think about. Except…that peeling tape is definitely not my most attractive look. Maybe I’m grateful for the 19 degree, end of March day we’re having in AA today? Just kidding. Get me out of this season.

5. PPS- Definitely turned off the high alert on the CGM this week after nearly chucking it against the wall after the 4th alarm overnight from the tiny fluctuations above and below the threshold. I ONLY GET FIVE HOURS OF SLEEP AS IS, SO PLEASE CGM, SHUT UP.

I’ve picked up a new skill these last few weeks however, and that is gluten-free, insanely low-carb, crazy quick meals. I generally try to keep my meals low-carb, but with the high blood sugar issues exacerbated by the stress, I needed to find quick meals to fit my endless schedule with less than ten carbs to keep the blood sugar relatively in check. Here are some ideas:

-Lettuce+Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Strips+ Annie’s Roasted Red Pepper Dressing+ SteamFresh Green Beans+Sargento Mozzarella Shredded Cheese+sliced cucumber= a salad-in-disguise for a non-salad eater.

-Turkey-Cheese Wraps [don’t be stingy on the turkey!]+3 pickles+Diet Snapple= perfect quick lunch before more Calculus 4 cramming.

-Burger patties [quick broil for 5 min]+slices of cheese+small apple+Hershey’s Kiss=perfect after exam meal [my plan for this evening, after my LATE exam til 10 pm!]


Again, I ‘m sorry it’s been ages. I’m always available for a quick email [or Tweet @briwolin], just not entirely on top of cohesive posts these couple weeks.


Take it easy, but [find some crazy way to] take it.



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  • Kim

    I love those low-carb meal ideas! I pine for a "Shut up, I *KNOW* already!" button. :)

    • briwolin

      Should totally be on the next dexcom. TOP priority!;)

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