“A Gluten Nightmare.”

I think there’s a moment when you truly know that a non-Celiac, or non-diabetic,  just *gets it*.

Maybe it’s when he/she decides to order gluten free at a restaurant because you are, but that already happened with this person, and for some reason, it didn’t have that *gets it* moment.

Maybe it’s when he/she spots gluten free menus at restaurants even when you’re not around, but again, didn’t have that  *gets it* moment with this one either.

Maybe it’s when he/she recognizes three buzzes as dropping and two buzzes as rising when your Dex is sitting in the other room and heads for the juice or reaches for your pouch with syringes and insulin–well, that was the non-diabetic *got it* moment.

Today, was the non-celiac *gets it* moment.


I went to a Chicago Cubs game with my father today, as my birthday gift for him, and sat in the boiling hot, but ultra-fun bleacher seats. As we endured the high heat, a short drizzle, and then some more high heat, we had some Redbridge Gluten Free Beer, some pistachios, and a Cubs loss. However, not without *bum, bum, bum* a “gluten nightmare.”

I asked the *gets it* guy what I should blog about today, after he’d told me I need to be more on top of blog writing, to keep up with my followers, and I know he’s entirely right, and I recognize I’ve been overly MIA, but accelerated organic chemistry does tend to have that affect on life–a total sucker. But, in the simple words of the *get it* guy, this should be my post topic:


“Went to the ball game and got beer splashed all over me. Gluten nightmare.”



Now, when I told him this happened, I just complained about the drunken idiot who managed to spill two full beers all over my legs and feet [luckily not my head], but never gave a gluten-anger anecdote. He not only picked up on it, but provided me with a fantastic blog topic, and also a way to sneak in a bit of thought on another topic.

For all of the ignorant people you may meet in your life, and I guarantee many will be in your college existence as I am finding out, there will be at least one out there who *gets it*. I’m fortunate to have found a few of these, most of whom make it into my blog in some way or another, but my point is not to abandon ship on finding friends, and important people, in your lives that *get it* despite being totally unaffected by whatever your *it* or *them* may be.


I realize my writing has left this ominous presence of some male in my life who is finding his way to *getting it* [and not in that way!]  and that you don’t know much else about this person. But on a diabetic-celiac blog about my college life, I think that’s all you really need.


Take it easy, but take it.




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