Most Evolved GF Product: Bagels!

*Disclaimer: Sweet Note Bagels provided me with product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own!

My first memory of a gluten free bagel was a hockey puck that managed to crumble everywhere–and not only did it have a hole, but the hole consumed more than half the bagel. But hey, it was the thought that counted. I had a…’bagel’…I think.

Within about 5 years, another little company came on the market, that sold the dough in the bagel shape and all you had to do was bake it. Well, by bake, I mean my mom had to remember to get up early for the 1 hour bake time so that I could have a semblance of normalcy at Sunday School when all the other kids had bagels. And they shrank upon baking, making them a little chewy ‘bagel.’

Another 10 or so years passed, and companies like Udi’s and Canyon came on the market and revolutionized gluten free bagel consumption. I am a huge lover of both brands–each offering slightly different flavor and texture profiles, both absolutely delightful after a good toasting and shmear of cream cheese. These brands are my brands.

Somewhat unbeknownst to me, there were a lot of little bakeries creating their own versions of GF bagels, very few of which I’d tried. The lovely ladies at Sweet Note Bagels graciously sent me a few flavors to try, complete with preparation instructions (something I’d never seen for GF bagels!) PS- I’m not going to forget about the coffee date offer!

Now, here’s the crazy thing, I didn’t understand what was happening when I took a bite. Luckily, non-GF boyfriend was here and could explain: this is the texture of the average, gluten-filled bagel. It was so chewy, unusually so. He was hooked. We tried plain and pumpkin spice flavors (their seasonal special!), both of which had similar chewy texture–except the pumpkin spice broke a bit upon microwaving/toasting, probably from the flavoring ingredients, because the plain was just fine. Both flavors were very yummy!

Now, I’m told that these bagels are bagels–the real deal, minus the gluten. But, for this 15+ year celiac, in complete honesty, these bagels were a bit confusing, and will take time to get used to! I actually want to thank Sweet Note for giving me the window into what life would be like if, someday, I could begin eating gluten again after decades of complete, happy ignorance of the taste/texture of gluten-filled products.

My only major complaint for these bagels is the carb count. While most bagels come in around 40g, this one comes in at over 60–making it impossible for this type 1 to eat more than half, and even the half was a bit of a stretch. Hoping that the carb count will go down in the future!

Take it easy, but take it.



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