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*Disclaimer: ginnybakes sent me a box of products in exchange for my honest review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

As most of you know, I am a major gluten free cookie monster. Sure, the typical chocolate chip does the trick, but I’ve tasted and consumed dozens of simple and unique cookie flavors and brands over the last 15 years (which, by the way, my 15 year Celiac anniversary is coming up on November 1st! Leave a comment with your celiac anniversary, and your favorite GF product to try as the GF world evolves 🙂 )

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to taste and review a company I’d never had before–ginnybakes–who seek to have their consumers “indulge mindfully” with their GF, non-gmo, organic, and believe it or not–healthy cookies. I dug right in when they arrived, especially because my box included ginnyminis– the most adorable little cookies in small packs, perfect for the quick lunches and snacks I’ve been packing on my 12+ hour days recently.

First and foremost, as a T1 diabetic, I know you all can understand my appreciation for a relatively low carb cookie–only ~8g for a regular size! And the packaging is appealing and well-designed– I immediately wanted to dig in! Prior to this post, I taste the double chocolate happiness cookie, the coconut oatmeal bliss minis, and chocolate chip love minis (precious cookie names, aren’t they!?) Additionally, the non-GF boyfriend tried one of the ginnybars–“karma, love, and apricot.”

As soon as I tasted the coconut oatmeal bliss cookie, I was a fan. While the butter taste is a bit stronger than other cookies, it is balanced by the coconut flavor. The crunchiness gives them a fun texture as a snack, and especially with coffee. I immediately sent some from my box over to my sister, who just begun college in Boston. The chocolate chip love mini cookies had similar buttery flavor, and the crunchy texture. I do wish these were a bit less crunchy, though, as they didn’t have any ‘give’ when I bit into them. The only cookie I didn’t care for was the double chocolate–unusual for this chocoholic. They seemed to crumble a bit more, with too strong of an aftertaste. I’ll keep trying the other flavors, and stick to the other 2 in the meantime.

With regard to the bar, he noted that there was a great balance between the chewy and crunchy aspects, and loved the overall apricot and nutty taste. I’ll be trying the “peace, love, and apple” this week, for sure!

Ginny Simon began her company, ginnybakes, to combine her passions for nutrition, active living, and baking–some of my passions as well. The gluten free community is most definitely reaping the benefits of her hard work and dedicationg. I look forward to trying their other products–and you all should take a look and consider placing an order here–especially for those minis 🙂

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