Allie’s GFG Review (+ Special for ADSG Readers!)

With a mission like “No Child Left Out,” who couldn’t get on board with the fabulous baking happening at Allie’s Gluten Free Goodies in New York?

Allie’s GFG is a gluten free certified (yes!), dairy free, nut free, certified Kosher, AND Pareve bakery cranking out tons of special goodies from bagels to challah to chocolate chunk cheesecake brownies (and there are vegan options!)! When I was given the opportunity to get a box of these delicious treats sent all the way to Michigan in exchange for a review, I was thrilled.

An adorable box arrived at my door last week, filled with yummy treats and paper confetti (which, of course, I got all over my apartment when I excitedly ripped the packaging open). The treats arrived in small, sealed packages and in absolutely perfect condition (not a single broken cookie). Amazingly, these goodies have a 4-6 week shelf life (cookies) and can also be put in the fridge/freezer (what I was instructed to do with my cheesecake brownie, which still awaits me!) While this T1D hasn’t gotten around to all the delectable treats just yet, I have been munching away on several cookies…

  1. Oatmeal Raisin: a perfect cinnamon flavor completes this adorable crunchy cookie, with just the right amount of raisins and is not overly sweet. I chowed the two in the package in a matter of minutes (I just couldn’t help myself!)
  2. Dairy Free Chocolate Chunk: the fact that the name itself uses “chunk” instead of “chip” to describe the chocolate content should tell you this girl was absolutely satisfied. the cookie was ideal–had a nice buttery flavor, crunchy outside but with a bit of a softer inside. Plan for next time is to give it a zap in the microwave, because I know those chunks would be ideal warmed up. Again, finished the package too quickly to even consider my options.
  3. Dairy Free Chocolate Chocolate Chunk: now we’ve got double chocolate and chunk in the name, ready for any chocoholic! Though the crunchiest of the cookies I’ve tried from Allie’s thus far, the chocolate chunks gave a nice texture, and of course, who doesn’t love chocolate.

None of the cookies had any semblance of grittiness or aftertaste from the flours, and were absolutely enjoyable. And to sweeten the deal for my readers, Allie’s has been kind enough to understand my frustrations with shipping costs for college/young professional/specialty diet budget individuals looking for a special GF treat. So, all of you can use the following code to get FREE SHIPPING ON ANY SIZE ORDER! [first-time orders only] Trust me, I’m about to take advantage of Allie’s kind offer (those bars are calling my name!), and I hope you do too. It’s unique bakeries like this that our community should continue to support so they know how much it means to us to get a special baked good, from an actual bakery and not a box.

Code: ADSG16

Take it easy, but take it.


PS- Find me and Allie’s GFG at the GFAF Expo in Chicago this upcoming May! I’m excited to announce I’ve been selected as an official blogger for the event, and I cannot wait!


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