Islet Cells and Hash Browns- Path of Life Brand Review

So, I’m a big fan of the Twitter hashtag YDMV–your diabetes may vary (Thanks, Bennet!). The more time I spend on social media engaging in communities with other similar individuals, the more I realize that everyone has at least one crazy phenomenon that is absolutely unique to them. Or in my case, as I found out on Twitter, a phenomenon shared between a few people (despite an endocrinologist, reproductive endocrinologist, second endocrinologist, gynecologist, you name it-ologist all telling me they’d never, ever seen anything like it.)

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Found my diabetes/everything twin on Twitter. Hi, Ally!

Well, thanks to hormones (*cue eye roll*), I get the odd experience of stretches of low BGs for several days without any explanation. They just drop down there, and I keep on eating, and nothing happens. Nothing. While this may seem like a total dream state for a type 1 like myself, let me assure you that the low symptoms are pretty much 24/7 for about 4-5 days, and the only way to NOT be low is to live with very mediocre BGs for that period of time–because even 0.2u sends me back into the gutter. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter (@briwolin), these are the times where my tweets become rather entertaining–a combination of confusion, curiosity, and crazed eating. I think of myself as entertaining in general, but you can be the judge of that!

Well, this time around, my oh-so-curious experience coincided with a fantastic product delivery to my door. A long time favorite, Path of Life Foods, creates “simply good, clean food” with their line of frozen quinoa based dishes, frozen veggies (and full veggie side dishes), and even chocolate covered fruit frozen desserts. While primarily advertised as a side dish, let me tell you–throw a little chicken into that Mediterranean Quinoa and you have a quick winner dinner. New to their line of products, and to my doorstep, is Organic Hash Browns, complete with quinoa+spinach+cheddar cheese.

There I was in my apartment, battling endless lows, and had my eureka moment! “Woah, that can’t be true,” I told my overactive brain. Could I really sit for a plate of hash browns at 9am without BG spike consequences? Is that even possible? With my preceding days with ratios somewhere around 1u:60g carbs, I was pretty intrigued and began my little experiment.

Let me tell you–once I got those hash browns in my mouth, I couldn’t stop. I had an entire plate (no BG consequence, what!) and made them again the next day. One of my foodie “resolutions” of the year is to make hot breakfast more often–though I do love my yogurt on the go. I started it off in the best way possible with this delicious new product–perfectly seasoned, easy to make, great combination of ingredient textures, an all around winner.

Breakfast Day 1: POL Hash Browns, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and COFFEE.
Breakfast Day 2: POL Hash Browns, scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese, Dannon Light and Fit Greek Blueberry Yogurt, and COFFEE.

Thank you to Path of Life for sending some of this delectable product my way; I’ve already been giving little Ziplock baggies of it to friends as a ‘must-try!’

And with regard to my weird islet cells: my 4.5 day stint as a non-diabetic (yes, I still had my basal running on my pump, but hey, a girl can pretend) is now over, and it ended as quickly as it set in. I’ve had glucose tolerance tests to see if maybe, just maybe, there was a sleepy islet cell that decided to wake up, but nope. Your girl is a true type 1. Minus these few curious days. Feel free to share your own odd diabetes phenomena in the comments–would love to hear about it! And, go get yourself some POL products and I promise you, not a single product in their line is anything but delicious.

Take it easy, but take it.


PS- A rough blood sugar stint is no match for an adorable doggy visitor! Here’s my little friend James, who I got to babysit all day Saturday. Boy, did he make me smile!

James has quite the selfie game. 

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