Lucky Start to 2016!

Lucky Spoon Bakery, that is!

I’m back with a review to kick-off the new year in the best way possible. I already have a line-up of product reviews coming your way this month, and am hoping to get a bit better about posting my own recipes/meals (might be a bit difficult as a graduating senior working on her capstone engineering design project, but I promise I’ll try!) as well as taking time to write a bit more about living with diabetes on this crazy pre-graduation rollercoaster.

Back to the topic at hand–Lucky Spoon Bakery is a DEDICATED gluten-free bakery in Salt Lake City owned by a husband-wife team. And let me tell you–with the messes surrounding “gluten-free” items being, well, not so gluten-free [ahem, Cheerios, ahem, Aldi Granola Bars, ahem, Quaker Oatmeal (?)]–dedicated facility labels are oddly satisfying.

My partner-in-crime/sister now attends Tufts University in Medford, MA (go Jumbos!) and has found a small market near her university that seems to stock smaller label gluten free products–and boy, have I benefitted! Most recently, Ellory brought home a package of Lucky Spoon Lemon Poppyseed Muffins over break and I bit into a mini piece of heaven…fine, it was simply a mini-muffin. But, a heavenly one! From the first bite, I knew I had to stock up, but lo and behold, my precious Lucky Spoon was nowhere to be found in the Illinois or Michigan! However, all you hooked readers, you can order the muffins on Overstock and the more requests in your local stores, the more likely they’ll come out our ways!

I was fortuante to connect with Lucky Spoon and was sent a beautiful package of mini-heaven bites in both lemon poppy and cinnamon strusel that I was able to serve (to everyone’s delight!) at my 21st birthday brunch including GF and non-GF individuals! The lemon poppy have a real lemon taste, and are not only the right size, but the perfect texture–noteably soft and airy. Beuatiful. The cinnamon streusel mini, thanks to a late night low BG, was paired with a handful of chocolate chips for the perfect end to a long day–soft muffin+slightly crunchy topping=YUM.

I cannot recommend Lucky Spoon Bakery products highly enough. Not only was the company a pleasure to email (every email back included a smiley face on at least one line!) but their products put a real smile on my face.

Thank you Lucky Spoon, and I’m hopeful my consumption/review (and all my readers who go out and order as well!) will help get your products into every single state!

Take it easy, but take it.


PS- They make cookies and cupcakes as well!


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