Product Review: Simple Kneads Bakery

The Simple Kneads Bakery website describes their products in the following way : “Ordinary? No. Extraordinary? Definitely.”

Simple Kneads makes clean label/locally-sourced artisan gluten free breads, which is apparent in everything conversations with their down-to-earth staff to their beautifully packaged products. Though my breads came in a cardboard box, the label/packaging made me feel like I’d just stepped out of a bakery, bread under arm. I was fortunate to receive some loaves of pumpernickel and sourdough gluten free bread (woah! new flavors to me!) in exchange for an honest review.

Now, I am yet to try sourdough (thanks, diabetes dawn phenomenon for preventing carb-loaded breakfast), but I am working my way through my first loaf of pumpernickel. I absolutely loved the flavor! Definitely a unique experience for this celiac. I had the bread toasted, straight from the freezer, with some cream cheese and the pairing was delicious. The bread was not dry, however, it was definitely delicate (didn’t have any ‘give’ or stretch/squish). I think a pinch more xanthan gum in the ingredients would do the trick (in case the Simple Kneads bakers are checking out my post!)

I’m very much looking forward to tasting the sourdough–and will give a 140 character update on Twitter! In the meantime, support this great artisan gluten free operation by ordering on Amazon or their website.

Thank you again to the kind individuals at Simple Kneads for sponsoring this review [especially Nick in marketing!], and I look forward to trying your new flavors when they become available!

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