Tofu and Tamari: San-J Review

One of the quick, easy Brianna-safe meals I’m famous for making is stir fry. I mean, really, what’s easier than grabbing two pans, a couple bottles from the fridge, and a few cans that have been in the cabinet since the last grocery run, and giving it some heat? I am very excited to review my favorite Asian sauce brand, San-J.

So, last week, I invited some friends over for a night in of card games, movies, and stir fry (hello, who needs bars and clubs when you can have a night like that!?) While they played the first round, I grabbed Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu, San-J Low Sodium Tamari, San-J Szechuan Sauce, and spinach from my fridge and stuck them on the counter. In true small apartment style, I crawled up on a chair to the over-stocked, hidden cabinet of non-perishables for my canned water chestnuts and bamboo shoots, and headed over to my media cabinet under the TV, which actually is my storage cabinet for all things cooking and baking and grabbed one large and one small pan. [Reminder: I am very allergic to soybean oil, but not soy–so tofu is a staple for me!]

I drained, cubed, and cooked the tofu in the Szechuan sauce, and the spinach + water chestnuts + bamboo shoots in the tamari. I grabbed my bowls, portioned it out, and brought it to the crowd. Now, I usually love my stir fry left overs for lunch–so I needed to be sure my non-GF crowd was going to devour this stir fry. With San-J sauces, I knew it wouldn’t even be a concern.

The tamari is a staple of mine–I don’t even know anything else in terms of “soy sauce” like sauces–and the low sodium doesn’t miss out on any of the yummy flavor. While I’ve had the Mongolian and orange sauces in the past, I’d never had the Szechuan. It had a nice after-kick, and wasn’t overly spicy to serve to a crowd. I haven’t had Szechuan sauce in general before, so I was a bit concerned that the flavor would overpower my tamari and veggies, but it was a perfect balance to have on the tofu.

San-J made for a perfect Brianna-safe night with great friends. I’ll continue to buy San-J for decades to come, and look forward to trying other varieties that may come out in the future.

Now, it’s only 8:36am, but I’m definitively craving stir fry.


Tell me your favorite stir fry recipe and sauces in the comments! I’d love to change it up over here.


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*San-J provided product in exchange for my honest review.*


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