Disappearing Muffins – Simple Mills Review + GIVEAWAY!


I guarantee you know the feeling of attending a meeting where there is not a single darn thing you can eat. All day, the meeting drags on, you run out of snacks, and well, that’s that. In college, meetings and organization events are almost always inclusive of some “fun” food element, perhaps Pizza House or NYPD (top pizza places in Ann Arbor) or Insomnia Cookies (served warm with milk).

Well, you better believe that I do my best to do one of the following:

a) If I have a leadership position in the organization–always provide a free-from option.

b) If I’m attending an event I know is serving food–email the leader ahead of the event to ask what is being served so I can try to coordinate my meal/snacks.

c) See if I can’t convince everyone in a small group to let me provide something Brianna-safe to share.

I am finally, finally finished with midterms and happily riding the Amtrak back into Chicago this afternoon. The long week of blood sugar rollercoasters and fairly sleepless nights (inclusive of a scary hypo situation and outrageously loud, recurring Dexcom alarms–for which I am forever grateful) is behind me. However, last Saturday, my engineering capstone design project team had planned an all day meeting. Our team has worked hard to maintain a strong group dynamic–and, not unexpectedly, such a task seems to inevitably involve food.

So, at 8am before our meeting began, I grabbed a new-to-me brand mix for chocolate muffins– Simple Mills. What all began as a kitchen attempt to develop “food that is simple, healthy, and delicious” in North Carolina has now become a growing company based in Chicago currently creating 8 mixes:

  • Artisan Bread Mix
  • Banana Muffin Mix
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix
  • Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • Pizza Dough Mix
  • Pumpkin Muffin Mix
  • Vanilla Cake Mix

Every single mix is free of grain, gluten, soy, corn, dairy, and peanuts. Every. Single. One.

And it gets better–they’re in a 100% gluten-free AND peanut-free facility.

Oh, and even paleo-friendly. Yes, a chocolate muffin.

One of my favorite parts of the Simple Mills website is the full page dedicated to the ingredients. The almond flour, coconut sugar, coconut flour, and cocoa are all listed with their place of origin (always a fun fact to know!) and why they have decided to use them as ingredients as a part of their special brand.

And to all my D-friends reading, almond flour treats the BG very nicely (*I am not a medical professional and of course, #YDMV). They are, indeed, low carb!

Anyhow, these muffins were a quick mix that were perfectly timed to come out warm for the start of the meeting. I put them in an open tupperware (yay for not having serving dishes when you’re a college kid in a tiny apartment eating alone!) and set them on our work table with the other 4 team members. I ran back to my apartment to grab the rest of my stuff and by the time I came back–my muffin count was had already gone from 11 (oops, didn’t get the full 12!) to 6. I took my muffin, devoured it with my piping hot black coffee, and within another 30 minutes, the entirety of my quick morning baking was polished off.

The muffins had the perfect amount of cocoa to have a non-overwhelming chocolate taste in the morning, in addition to not tasting like I was biting into a sugar-filled nightmare. I’d never worked with almond flour on my own, nor in baking mixes before, and I absolutely love it. The muffins were light and airy, and all around delectable. Just ask the 4 non-gluten free team members who each ate 2-3 and were asking for more.

Plus, an unexpectedly simple expression of the few ingredients on the box made me know I was eating things that were good for my body.Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix

I mean, really! Look at that ingredient list. Refreshingly simple.

Have I planted the seed that these mixes are a must-have in your gluten-free/free-from lifestyle? Well, guess what! I’ve partnered with Simple Mills to run a giveaway for all of you lovely ADSG readers! They have generously offered to send pizza dough mix and pancake/waffle mix to one lucky individual, so you have a chance to fall in love like I did.

{enter via RaffleCopter below}
Simple Mills Giveaway!

Take it easy, but take it. [If I made it through this last week, short on groceries/sleep and high on stress/blood sugar levels, something tells me you can too].


PS- Each mix even has fun recipes on their site! Get creative with their help, or on your own!



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  • glamwithoutgluten

    Love this giveaway!

    • briwolin

      I guarantee you'll love this brand! Wishing you luck!

  • Staci A

    I haven't baked with it yet. But I did buy coconut flour and hazelnut flour to try this week!

    • briwolin

      I've never worked with hazelnut flour! Coconut flour works great for sponge cakes!

  • Cheryl

    I haven't ever baked with almond flour or other unique flours.

    • briwolin

      Let me know if you do try!

  • TastyMeditation

    These look great. I bake with almond flour and coconut flour all the time to great results. I do bake with sorghum, brown rice flour, and buckwheat, but almond/coconut is definitely one of my favorite combinations

    • briwolin

      I'd love to hear coconut flour recipe ideas--I've done a few, and have tons of flour still!

  • Michelle Patriarco

    I have not baked with almond flour. I frequently buy Enjoy Life Foods cookies.

    • briwolin

      I love Enjoy Life! I've done a few posts about them in the past--have you seen any? (including one on their own blog!)

  • Haha, I am the queen of alternative flours! My favorite will always be banana flour!

    • briwolin

      Woah, BANANA FLOUR?! What do you make with it?

  • Pat

    I haven't baked with almond flour before, but I have eaten almond flour-based snacks. I mostly bake with mixes, so this one sounds great!

    • briwolin

      They really are delightful!

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