Holy Crepe!

This past weekend, breakfast was forever changed for this 20-something type 1 diabetic/celiac/multiple food allergy breakfast lover.

Usually, I stick with the items I’ve made standard–gluten free, allergy safe, and an insulin dose I know works every single time (okay, let’s be real, that’s NEVER true–but it’s pretty darn close with these items). Things like gluten free oatmeal, Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt, berries, clementines, eggs, cheese sticks, turkey bacon–you catch my drift.

However, when a glorious package arrived at my door from Whole Note Baking Mixes, compelte with crepe mix, I think I did a literal happy dance. I’ve never I had never been able to eat a crepe before–simply saw them as enticing little skinny pancakes (which meant I recognized it was essentially a low carb pancake and goodness knows what havoc pancakes normally wreak on the Dexcom graph).

Of course, I immediately invited my best friends over for a delicious Sunday brunch little crepe bar last weekend. One of my best friends has a twin sister who eats gluten free for her arthtritis, so she’s become more and more exposed to the GF world in our friendship. My other best friend stretches the limits of my food creativity, as she is vegetarian and thus I’ve learned to make lots of fun Brianna-safe veggie meals with her. Sunday at 10:30am rolled around, and we were rearing to go with a fun morning of gluten free crepes!

The little “bar” I put together consisted of sliced banana, chocolate chips, sugar free syrup, Melt margarine, and a little pack of Big Slice kettle cooked apple (boysenberry+chocolate flavor). We were set. I added the eggs, canola oil, and unsweetened almond milk to the mix (per instructions, but could use any milk you want), whipped it with my little hand mixer, and heated some butter in the pan.

Now, you don’t need to have a special crepe pan or skill to make these! All I did was put 1/4 cup in the pan and immediately swirl the pan around to let the batter become a wide circle. Tah-dah! Crepe master over here. [see photos below for evidence!]

I warned the girls that gluten free baking/cooking doesn’t exactly result in pliable goodies, so folding these up wasn’t likely going to be an option (they’d informed me that usually crepes are folded around the toppings, rather than just sticking them all on top, as I had done). BUT GUESS WHAT?! They folded. Perfectly, easily, beautifully. [again, see photos below for evidence!]

And not only did they fold, they tasted absolutely incredible. I honeslty have not found a gluten free mix I have loved this much in a very long time. Did I eat a few too many with too many toppings? Absolutely I did. But the occasional spike on the Dexcom is absolutely worth it–living with T1D does not ever mean not living. And gosh darn it, I needed/wanted/loved that 3rd crepe.

Though they’re only sold in Texas stores, all the Whole Note Mixes are available online. I cannot wait to try the other mixes they so graciously sent me in exchange for this honest review–and if the crepe mix is any indication, I’ll be hooked.

Take it easy, but take it.


PS- The crepe mix box comes with two smaller mix packets inside! Which means I still have a whole other batch that awaits me–let’s see how long it takes me to make them 🙂


The fun photo evidence of a crepe-filled morning!

Beautiful batter with all that red kitchen gear 🙂
And off we go! Crepe Chef Extraordinaire!
The crepe bar! AKA coffee table.
Light and thin!





One of my best friends with her creation!

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