Smart Decisions with Smart Flour Foods + Giveaway!

When a huge box was at my door last Friday, before this Valentine’s Day weekend, I knew my true love had arrived–pizza. Rapid consumption of a Smart Flour Foods pizza with my Galentine this weekend was absolutely a smart decision.

Smart Flour Foods motto is “Delicious. Nutritious. Always GLUTEN-FREE.” and boy, does the motto fit the product. After polishing off one of the chicken sausage pizzas as someone who knows the gluten free pizza market well, alongside a friend who knows the gluten-filled pizza market well, we both decided that this product was one of the most delicious thin crust pizzas we’d ever had. Mind you, that’s even coming from a gluten eater. Now I know why this company has won many awards over the last few years–they deserve every single one!

The pizzas come in Uncured Pepperoni, Garden Margherita, Classic Cheese, Tuscan Inspired Uncured Two Meat, Chicken Sausage, and as a stand alone crust. They even come in family sizes!

This multiple food allergy eater was thrilled to see that the only allergen in these pizzas is milk, which I am able to take a Lactaid pill for and carry on with my day. However, the plain crusts have no allergens! Make your own pizza with these delightful crusts!

Additionally, because they are made with ancient grains like sorghum, teff, and amaranth, I was pleasantly surprised to see how nicely my blood sugars cooperated with one of the hardest foods for this T1D! So easy that I’d consider eating one of these pizzas daily.

Finally, these pizzas have no rice flour, which I believe is why I had such a great blood sugar response, but additionally, for all those GF eaters who cannot eat rice–I HAVE FOUND YOUR PIZZA. IT IS CALLING YOUR NAME. IT IS DELICIOUS.

My contact at Smart Flour has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and he’s as invested in proving the deliciousness of these products to you as I am! Smart Flour Foods has decided to sponsor a fantastic giveaway, complete with Smart Flour Swag, copupons, and free products!

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What are your favorite pizza toppings–what should be Smart Flour’s next creation? I vote for chicken and broccoli.

Smart Flour Foods Rafflecopter giveaway

Take it easy, but take it. These delicious pizzas will make your day!



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  • I'd love for them to come up with a 4-cheese type pizza. Loove cheese :)

    • briwolin

      I totally agree! No such thing as too much cheese. :)

  • Patricia

    Maybe something with chicken and a a bbq sauce!

    • briwolin

      I love making pizzas with BBQ! Such a different flavor in the end!

  • Cheryl

    I would love a California-style pizza with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and Alfredo sauce.

    • briwolin

      Interesting! I've definitely never had a pizza with alfredo sauce!

  • Casey the College Celiac

    A dairy free pizza with lots of veggies!

    • briwolin

      Sounds tasty! Their crusts are dairy free now--I'd absolutely recommend trying them with your own dairy free cheese!

  • Vivienne

    pesto, no red sauce

    • briwolin

      I love pesto too! Do you have a good recipe?

  • Pat

    I second a California style pizza

    • briwolin

      Looks like I'll have to get in on this trend! You've officially made me hungry!

  • Michelle Patriarco

    Roasted garlic, bacon, onion?? Roasted garlic, Italian Sausage and onion?

    • briwolin

      Yum! Definitely a garlic and onion fan over here--I'll take mine with turkey bacon, please!

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