Low Carb Snacking with Rhythm Superfoods

There are always unique lessons to be learned from previous relationships. One I learned from my most recent has really stuck with me and comes up in my life often.

I learned how to make kale chips. Yes, kale chips. And no, I hadn’t made them ever before. And yes, I’m obsessed. A rather tedious process, baked kale chips have become part of my low carb snack life over the last year or so, and they are the perfect salty, crunchy low carb replacement for those pesky, blood sugar spiking kettle chips (which are worth it once in a while, of course).

When a company called Rhythm Superfoods asked me to try out their kale chips, I couldn’t resist! They kale chips are air-crisped, triple washed, and loaded with fun seeds/veggies/juices/herbs/spices to make them the perfect crunchy bite every single time. Half of the big bag is 12g of carbs and only 150 calories.

They make multiple kale chip flavors, as well as other products I couldn’t try due to my personal food restrictions, though all are certified gluten free (including beet chips, roasted kale, and “broccoli bites”).

I tried their original flavor (trying not to eat through the bags they sent me in one sitting!) and they are absolutely delightful! Definitely different from my homemade kale chips, as they have all those fun flavor bursts (even in the original version!) and I’ll be munching on these for a long time to come. Plus, they save me from getting covered in olive oil and spices and hanging around the oven flipping my delicate little kale pieces for an hour every time I want a batch!

Rhythm Superfoods has allowed me to be lazy, and in this one aspect of my life, laziness feels (and tastes!) darn good.

Take it easy, but take it.


PS- I loved the instructions on the back: “Open, Eat, Enjoy, Repeat. Close bag tightly to preserve the crunchy goodness.” How adorable is that?!


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