When An Omnivore Loves a Veggie Burger

The by-line of this post’s title is something along the lines of “A love story between an omnivore girl and her favorite vegetarian brand.”

Hilary’s Eat Well changed my perception of veggie burgers with one bite. Previously, I’d looked at veggie so-called “burgers,” furrowed my brow, and asked how a) anyone would want to bite into such a thing and b) on what planet is that considered a meal?! Now, of course as a T1D living the low carb/high fat lifestyle, I didn’t think about stacking the veggie burger on a full bun with fries on the side, but still.

That was all true until Hilary’s came along with a fantastic box of products for me to try. As always, though the products were sent to me, my love is genuine and honest and completely my own opinion.

I’m still working on trying all the flavors of veggie burgers and the fun dressings that were sent to me, but I had a Hemp and Greens burger with avocado and used the Apple Fennel dressing to marinade some chicken, and both were true winners. I’ve never been so excited about a veggie burger!

Chicken marinaded in Hilary’s Apple Fennel dressing with frozen corn+peas and onion, baked to perfection!






Hello, beautiful green dinner!


All of Hilary’s Eat Well products follow the motto “Eating Well Made Easy,” and it couldn’t be more accurate. The products are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, corn free, nut free, and soy free! Additionally, they are minimally processed (certified B corporation) and vegan! Wow, wow, wow. I’m very anxious to to find the veggie bites–they are so darn adorable!

Whether you’re vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore, carnivore, blahblahblah-ivore, you need to give Hilary’s products a try. Plus, they have those pulses that seem to be taking over the food scene this year!

What is your favorite vegetarian dish to make? Extra points for those that are low carb! Please share the recipe as a link or copied into the comments!

Take it easy, but take it!




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  • Paige

    I LOVE veggie burgers!! Although I do eat meat, I really hate ground beef (unless it's in gluten free meatballs--I'm weird like that). I'll definitely need to try these! :)

    • briwolin

      I love Hillary's! Also, try ground turkey instead of ground beef if you want meat :)

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