Year of the Pulses!

Food trend analysts keep tossing around the concept of this being the “year of the pulses.” Now, if you’re anything like me, I had no idea what a pulse was (other than related to heart rate!) So, here’s how I learned (thanks Pulse Canada!):

I was reading the buzz about pulses on the heels of the Expo West coverage (definitely a bucket list item to attend!) and was fortunate to receive some pulse-based snacks from Saffron Road. I had previously had their simmer sauces (absolutely delicious, by the way) but had no idea they had a whole snack line!

I was sent lentil crackers, baked lentil chips, and a huge resealable bag of crunchy chickpeas (sea salt flavor, but many others are available). Of course, I dove into the crunchy chickpeas out of complete curiosity!

They are absolutely amazing. I’m in love. Definitely a new favorite snack!

I’m looking forward to trying many more Saffron Road products; I am yet to be dissapointed!

I expect there will be plenty in the pulse trend at the GFAF Expo Chicago (actually Schaumburg) this year on May 14th and 15th–you should come check it out PLUS you’ll find me there! I’m excited to announce I am a sponsored blogger for the expo this year and cannot wait to meet many of you in person as I hit the expo floor with an empty stomach and a full insulin cartridge 🙂

And, even more exciting for ADSG readers–I’ll be giving away tickets to the expo! Keep your eyes out for the giveaway in an upcoming post.

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Take it easy, but take it.


PS- Don’t want to chance it on winning a ticket and want to buy yours now? 30% off with code: EARLYBIRD until 4/13 happening now! Buy tickets here: 


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  • mandinyambi

    If you loved their crunchy chickpeas you should also try the korean bbq flavor. We have it in our app, and it's my favorite flavor! I just did a quick search and saw that we also have their enchiladas in our app, so that's next on my list to try. Mandi at Ingredient1

    • briwolin

      Thank you for the suggestion--I'll have to find them! :)

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