Raaka Chocolate Review

I’d like to consider myself a bit of a chocolate aficionado…well, maybe it’s not quite so impressive, but definitely a chocoholic. When Raaka Chocolate sent me some of their gorgeous virgin chocolate bars to review, I was psyched.

Virgin chocolate means the cacao isn’t roasted, which most chocolate makers/bars/chips do. By avoiding the roasting process, Raaka promises each bar will “bring you true cacao flavor.” Aside from the virgin process, they pride themselves on ethically sourcing the cacao–paying $500 per ton above market price to the farmers. As many of you know, I love supporting companies that are positively impacting others/our earth/fair trade certified, so I was just that much more excited to try these bars.

When the package arrived at my door, I couldn’t stop staring at the gorgeous, simple wrappers. Aren’t they beautiful?!

image2 copy

So, after the madness of the end of my undergraduate classes, I hustled back to Chicago to help my mom move into her new place–where we celebrated with a Raaka chocolate bar to end the big move day. We decided the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt was going to be the bar–and I opened the wrapper to find the glistening sea salt!

Chocolate that sparkles! I’m a fan.

Both my mom and I had the same verdict– the bar was a stunning flavor experience. We caught the flavor notes mentioned on the back of the bar (like raspberry and citrus) but it really hit almost every taste sensation (bitter, salty, sweet, sour, and savory) and landed on true dark chocolate as the final note. Absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to finish the bar and try others!

Be sure to visit their website to purchase bars, or even take a tour of the factory or a chocolate class in Brooklyn if you’re close by! Man, I’d spend endless hours if I were closer!

Take it easy, but take it.



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  • littlemissecoblog

    That looks amazing! I love salted caramel is it similar? I've resonantly started working for wikaniko and i am trying out chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Company which i will do a review on soon. I think i will have to try these out, they look so pretty and interesting! Where do you buy them from?

    • breezygfreezy

      I'm more of a chocolate fan, less of a caramel fan :) Here is their store locator! http://www.raakachocolate.com/pages/store-locator Do let me know if you end up purchasing some and trying it! They also make beautiful gifts!

  • vimtuous

    Oh man I checked out their website and they have a smoked chai chocolate bar. That sounds amazing! Def going to have to order one of those at some point.

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