Mity Nice: Chicago Restaurant Review

I had the pleasure of dining at Mity Nice, located on the mezzanine level of Water Tower Place on Michigan Ave., for lunch with my grandparents last week. As always, I placed a quick call prior to dining and the staff assured me that my dietary needs would be easily met.

The manager on duty spent excessive time with my table, as well as our waiter who was very well trained in allergy protocol. For my first time dining at any restaurant, I always order something simple enough that I can decipher every ingredient on my plate when it arrives. My request for salmon with EVOO+S/P cooked on foil and steamed vegetables was executed flawlessly (including an extra precaution of making the veggies in the microwave to avoid using pots that had the potential for cross contamination–which embarrassed the manager but I was thrilled to have safe, steamed veggies!)


I will definitely return in the near future, and am happy to add to my growing list of celiac-safe spots to eat in Chicago.

Take it easy, but take it.



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