Ardenne Farm Cookie Mixes: Review and GIVEAWAY!

The bond I have with cookies is undeniable. Crunchy or soft, any Brianna-safe flavor, and I’ll gobble up at least 2 in a sitting {though BG is not always the happiest, cookies are an important part of life}.

After chatting with Ardenne Farm about all their mixes at GFAF Expo Chicago, we began our cookie-based relationship {though they do have other mixes, like cakes and brownies!} My sister and I whipped up a batch of plain oatmeal cookies {purity protocol oats!} and they were delectable! With a buttery flavor and without an overwhelming sugary aftertaste, these cookies were an absolute hit in my house {+ all mixes are dairy and egg free, just use appropriate replacements!} .

Now, if you aren’t excited about the opportunity to win a big package of Ardenne Farm cookie mixes, I don’t know if we can be friends! 😉 Get ready to whip up a batch, grab a big cuppa joe, and sit back with these delicious treats.


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  • DJ

    Snickerdoodle cookies are my favorite.

    • breezygfreezy

      I love snickerdoodles! Do you have a favorite mix or pre-made one?

  • Becca Z

    my fave cookie is a labor intensive one that I only make for special occasions, you make a peanut butter cookie dough and shape them into tiny bite size cookies and bake them, then take 2 of these cookies and put marshamallow fluff in the center to create a sandwich style cookie, then make a chocolate ganace and dip half the cookie in and set on tray....voila, peanut butter smores cookies.

    • breezygfreezy

      Wow! I'll have to remake with almond butter--that sounds festive!

  • julie

    y favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chunk!

    • breezygfreezy

      YUM! Do you have a good recipe? I'd love to make them :)

  • Jeffrey

    I like homemade chocolate chip cookies. In my younger years I like them made with milk chocolate, now the craving is always for semi-sweet or bittersweet. Also, they have to have nuts, walnuts or pecans.

    • breezygfreezy

      Semi-sweet with almonds sounds delicious! Do you have a famous recipe you've created?

  • cyndi br

    Favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin with chocolate chips

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