Cello Whisps Review

Are you looking for the next greatest low carb snack? Well, I’ve found it. And–it’s available in a massive bag at Costco {AKA this couldn’t get better}.

After grabbing Cello Whisps big bag at Costco for the first time, I devoured these 100% parmesan crisps in about 5 servings instead of the marked ~17 servings on the label…oops. When you give a type 1 diabetic a bag of almost carb-free {1g/serving} chips…okay, well you catch the drift.

With one of the simplest ingredient labels ever, these “keto-friendly” snacks are 100% allergy friendly as well–though not dairy free, they are lactose free by way of hard cheeses like parmesan + cheddar having no lactose, and are otherwise free of all allergens.

I’m absolutely obsessed and don’t see myself removing them from my shopping list anytime soon! I can’t wait to try the cheddar version!

PS- They make great croutons too!

WARNING: you will never be able to eat just one “serving” of these, so buy plenty when you go to the store/order online!

Take it easy, but take it.



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