First Fresh Foods Review

*First Fresh sent me product, without guarantee of review and without compensation. All opinions are my own, as always.*

When two boxes of First Fresh Chicken Sausages arrived at my door, packed on ice, I was super excited! I’ve been on a chicken sausage kick lately–especially at breakfast– for a low carb option now that eggs are out {read: ugh.}

With no fillers, MSG, hormones, preservatives, nitrates, gluten, or allergens {with a dedicated section on their website for GF recipes!}, this team is really starting to revolutionize the market.

The chicken sausages are not in pork casing {avoiding another less-common severe allergen and general confusing product thought}, plus the company makes things like meatballs, cutlets, and ground meat as well!

The ingredients are simple: chicken and spices, all of which are written out one-by-one. As someone who once had a severe oregano allergy, I so appreciate their transparency.

I grilled some Hot Italian sausages for my family the other evening, and they were beyond tasty. With a real kick and pure, delicious flavor, they’ll be a new staple around my home!


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