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*Kitchfix sent me product in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are honest, as always, and unaffected by the compensation.*

When a huge box of Kitchfix granola {it’s paleo and many are whole 30 approved!} arrived at the door–and the new line of flavors, no less!– the most excited person in the house was not me, but in fact my younger sister!

Kitchfix is her favorite granola {eats it every day!} and as an integral part of my life, I decided to offer her the opportunity to write the review! As you all know, she’s an incredible gluten free baker and chef, as evidenced recently by the creative plates that show up on my IG every week {follow me here!}

Without further ado, here’s Ellory with a Kitchfix Granola review:

I am hooked on Kitchfix Granolas: all five flavors! 

The cocoa and sea salt granola was absolutely delicious. It has a rich cocoa flavor, which pairs wonderfully with the granola’s nutty-base and crunchy clusters. Personally, I do not love dried fruit, so I appreciate that this granola gives you energy and sustenance through wholesome, natural, and healthful fats, fiber, vitamins, and sweeteners such as maple syrup. I also appreciated that the sea salt did not dominate the cocoa flavor, nor detract or distract from the nuts’ and seeds’ flavors. 

The Honey Pecan granola is very subtle and tasty. I like that the flavor is based on pecans because not many granolas, especially paleo ones, take advantage of the numerous health benefits pecans can provide: 64% of the recommended daily amount of manganese, 279 mg of omega-3-fatty acids, and other properties which promote digestive health, heart health, bone and teeth health, and even aid in preventing muscle soreness in a one ounce serving. 

I found the Honey Pecan and Original granola to have a similar quality, yet were more neutral in flavor without the cocoa and salt. The Vanilla Berry was a perfect balance between the Original flavor and Honey Pecan, as it was nutty, slightly sweet, and mixed with freeze-dried berries rather than raisins or craisins. I did prefer the flavors without dried fruit, as the honey and maple syrup provided enough sweetness. Finally, the Lemon Berry Chia was very unique and aromatic! It was distinguishably citrusy, and thus, worked very well in plain Greek yogurt. 

I prefer all of the granolas broken into smaller clusters, rather than blocks or chunks, so before going in for seconds, I sealed up the bag and smashed it against the countertop a few times! Even though the granola isn’t noticeably too sweet, especially compared to many grain-based granolas, I think the majority of the flavors could benefit from less honey, which would also assist in making the granola more of a crumble rather than a block. Furthermore, if you plan on having two ounces, rather than one, the sugar content adds up rather quickly! Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed munching on the granola with some cottage cheese and a cup of coffee as a mid-morning snack, or as a dessert-like treat in yogurt! 

Side note: Kitchfix began as a meal delivery service that uses 100% gluten free ingredients. Be sure to check them out!

Their granola can be ordered from their website, with a flat rate of $5.50 for shipping!

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