Month: August 2016

Bloomfield Farms Review

*I was sent the new vegan allergen-free Bloomfield Farms bread to review honestly*

To say this is the spongiest, most fluffy gluten free bread I’ve ever had wouldn’t do this bread justice.

I could *bend* it. I could probably roll it up, if I hadn’t chowed through the whole loaf in a matter of days. I kept squishing it in confusion of it’s behavior.

We’re all used to GF bread that needs toasting and still just barely does the trick for bread. This bread is not only gluten free, but vegan/ALLERGEN FREE. Yes, you got that right– this is counter stable, non-toast-needed, airy, delightful top 8 free bread.

Look at that fluffy slice!

Bloomfield Farms nailed it.

You absolutely must get your hands on some–and their Facebook page is hosting frequent giveaways of it as it moves into stores!

Take it easy, but take it.


Luce’s Artisan Bread Mixes: Review and GIVEAWAY!

*Luce’s Artisan Bread Mixes has provided mixes for a review/giveaway*

Okay, ADSG readers– I know it’s not the normal Sunday time for posting, and it’s not even just a little delayed to Monday. It’s Tuesday and this week, life just got hectic. But, nonetheless, I have a fantastic review and giveaway for all of you!

Charles Luce began his line of mixes, and a bakeshop in NJ, after he was diagnosed with celiac in 2002 {boy, don’t I remember the days of hockey puck buns and crumbling “bread”} and launched a line of gorgeous,unique, and tasty artisan bread mixes in 2012. Each bread mix {Classic Sourdough, New Italian, Really “Rye”, Bold Buckwheat, OMG Flatbread, and others depending on the season} are simple– just add water.

(Okay, there are a few steps that go with that water adding process, like letting the bread rise, etc. but you catch the drift).

The breads come out of the oven with a fun crusty exterior (dusted with rice flour and a sight most celiac people have never seen), begging to be ripped apart and devoured.

Each mix was absolutely more delicious than the last. My favorite is definitely the New Italian, though a hard choice.

The only thing to be aware of–that messed me up–is to be careful the bag is not stuck on the dough when you bake it. Otherwise, like me, you may eat some paper with your bread.

And lucky ADSG readers– Charles has decided to sponsor an amazing giveaway of their Tasting Package, which includes Classic Sourdough, New Italian, Bold Buckwheat, Really “Rye,” OMG Flatbread, and even their Mile High Pancake Mix (which I’m yet to try, so share photos and recipes, tagging me and #ADSG!)

Enter the giveaway here!

Take it easy, but take it.


Review of GF Mom Certified’s BYOC Cookbook

*Tiffany sent me an advanced preview of her newest GF Mom cookbook, BYOC.*

If you don’t know Tiffany already, she is a powerhouse. A mom of three and the voice behind GF Mom Certified, Tiffany has an ever-growing collection of darling cookbooks alongside her posted recipes, lunchbox ideas, webinars and more on her website.

Her newest cookbook entitled “BYOC–Mom Certified Birthday Secrets” tackles the inevitable troubles of birthday parties when your children (or you!) have food allergies. {BYOC=Bring Your Own Cupcake!}

This cookbook contains photos of her sweet daughters, simple drawings, and recipes/photos of the creative goodies she’d made as part of her guide to throwing the best allergy-friendly birthday bash.

Tiffany’s cookbooks make you feel like part of her family and this one is no exception!

Be sure to get your own copy when it’s available!

Take it easy, but take it.


Blends by Orly Review

*Orly sent me two of her mixes for me to play with in the kitchen!*

Blends by Orly are a line of 1:1 replacement flour mixes, each with it’s own special purpose–think: cookie blend, bread blend, pie blend, etc. Orly designed 5 special blends–and I hit the kitchen with my mama to make our go-to chocolate chip banana cake using the Sydney Blend.

All we could say was WOW. The banana cake was light–the perfect spongey texture–and will definitely be our go-to flour in baking our signature recipe. The bag was resealable, which makes storage ideal, and can even be purchased on Amazon!

*Hint: instead of the standard liquid in your banana bread/cake mix, look for some left over yogurt or sour cream in your fridge–we had about 1/4 c. left of sour cream and mixed it with 1/2 c. water–just gave it a little special something in terms of flavor and texture!


Take it easy, but take it.


PS- if you have ripe bananas, you can freeze them to bake with later!

Cucina & Amore — Review and GIVEAWAY!

*Cucina and Amore loaded my pantry with goodies in exchange for an honest review (as always), and have graciously included a giveaway for a lucky reader!*

If you’ve even glanced at my Instagram in the last year, you’ll know that Cucina and Amore has become a staple of my diet.

With fantastic on-the-go quinoa meals in 4 tasty flavors {I love all of them and they’re beginning to be sold at Costco!} that can be served hot or cold + are shelf-stable, these meals are the easiest package to throw in my bag for trips, work excursions, long days– you name it.

I was recently sent the newer bruschettas + pestos and I’m in love. I’ve been using them endlessly in cooking, as well as for simple dipping with veggies. Cucina & Amore has hit the nail on the head once again!

And guess what! One incredibly lucky winner is about to get a huge box of a lifetime from Cucina & Amore right on your doorstep! Follow the Rafflecopter below for your chance to fill your next purse/backpack and your pantry 🙂

Click here to enter!

Take it easy, but take it.