Bloomfield Farms Review

*I was sent the new vegan allergen-free Bloomfield Farms bread to review honestly*

To say this is the spongiest, most fluffy gluten free bread I’ve ever had wouldn’t do this bread justice.

I could *bend* it. I could probably roll it up, if I hadn’t chowed through the whole loaf in a matter of days. I kept squishing it in confusion of it’s behavior.

We’re all used to GF bread that needs toasting and still just barely does the trick for bread. This bread is not only gluten free, but vegan/ALLERGEN FREE. Yes, you got that right– this is counter stable, non-toast-needed, airy, delightful top 8 free bread.

Look at that fluffy slice!

Bloomfield Farms nailed it.

You absolutely must get your hands on some–and their Facebook page is hosting frequent giveaways of it as it moves into stores!

Take it easy, but take it.



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