Luce’s Artisan Bread Mixes: Review and GIVEAWAY!

*Luce’s Artisan Bread Mixes has provided mixes for a review/giveaway*

Okay, ADSG readers– I know it’s not the normal Sunday time for posting, and it’s not even just a little delayed to Monday. It’s Tuesday and this week, life just got hectic. But, nonetheless, I have a fantastic review and giveaway for all of you!

Charles Luce began his line of mixes, and a bakeshop in NJ, after he was diagnosed with celiac in 2002 {boy, don’t I remember the days of hockey puck buns and crumbling “bread”} and launched a line of gorgeous,unique, and tasty artisan bread mixes in 2012. Each bread mix {Classic Sourdough, New Italian, Really “Rye”, Bold Buckwheat, OMG Flatbread, and others depending on the season} are simple– just add water.

(Okay, there are a few steps that go with that water adding process, like letting the bread rise, etc. but you catch the drift).

The breads come out of the oven with a fun crusty exterior (dusted with rice flour and a sight most celiac people have never seen), begging to be ripped apart and devoured.

Each mix was absolutely more delicious than the last. My favorite is definitely the New Italian, though a hard choice.

The only thing to be aware of–that messed me up–is to be careful the bag is not stuck on the dough when you bake it. Otherwise, like me, you may eat some paper with your bread.

And lucky ADSG readers– Charles has decided to sponsor an amazing giveaway of their Tasting Package, which includes Classic Sourdough, New Italian, Bold Buckwheat, Really “Rye,” OMG Flatbread, and even their Mile High Pancake Mix (which I’m yet to try, so share photos and recipes, tagging me and #ADSG!)

Enter the giveaway here!

Take it easy, but take it.



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  • eatnutritiously

    - We tend to eat bread at breakfast, so I'll share about that - Persian breakfast always gives me memories of Iran and my grandma waking up early in the morning to buy fresh cheese and bread from the bazaars. Sometimes I went with her and watched as she haggled down the price so we could come back with a warm loaf and soft feta for breakfast. Then after drizzling a little bit of honey and sprinkling on some crushed nuts, you get the best comfort food you can imagine. Since we don't have the luxury of many bakery establishments around here, I'd love to use these mixes to create my very own Persian breakfast using bread that comes right out of my oven.

    • breezygfreezy

      This is such a lovely memory! Good luck, and I hope to see your creations :)

  • Pat

    My family is Italian so we loved making garlic bread for dinner. This Italian bread would be great....bake it and then make fresh garlic bread....

    • breezygfreezy

      Sounds delicious! I have fond memories of the first-ever celiac-safe restaurant that made garlic bread. Yum.

  • Strength and Sunshine

    Ah yes! Luce's bread is so fantastic (and easy!)

    • breezygfreezy

      It definitely is! So fun to eat too :)

  • landofoz

    Bread seems to complete a grandmother doesn't think a meal is "fit" if we don't have bread with dinner. That is a southern term and bread to her meant a biscuit. I personally think artisan breads taste better and still complete a meal!

    • breezygfreezy

      That's so precious! We can def replace a biscuit with these tasty breads!

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