Review of GF Mom Certified’s BYOC Cookbook

*Tiffany sent me an advanced preview of her newest GF Mom cookbook, BYOC.*

If you don’t know Tiffany already, she is a powerhouse. A mom of three and the voice behind GF Mom Certified, Tiffany has an ever-growing collection of darling cookbooks alongside her posted recipes, lunchbox ideas, webinars and more on her website.

Her newest cookbook entitled “BYOC–Mom Certified Birthday Secrets” tackles the inevitable troubles of birthday parties when your children (or you!) have food allergies. {BYOC=Bring Your Own Cupcake!}

This cookbook contains photos of her sweet daughters, simple drawings, and recipes/photos of the creative goodies she’d made as part of her guide to throwing the best allergy-friendly birthday bash.

Tiffany’s cookbooks make you feel like part of her family and this one is no exception!

Be sure to get your own copy when it’s available!

Take it easy, but take it.



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