Solvetta FlatBox Review

*The kind people at Solvetta sent me the coolest lunchbox ever in exchange for any social or blog post honest feedback.*

I have vivid memories of elementary school days where the most dreaded moment was trying to find a clean part of a cafeteria table and the quick request to other students: do not throw/pass food over me.

The tables were always breeding grounds for gluten–and other allergens, though I did not have any at the time–which made lunches on top of paper bags or in my lap very frequent.

Introducing…Solvetta FlatBoxes: the ultimate solution to the endless issue of allergen-ridden surfaces recognized by the International Housewares Association as an Innovation Award Winner.

FlatBoxes are funky four-paneled lunch boxes that quickly unzip(!) into a placemat! Clean surface every single time.

They come in regular (17″x 17″ mat), snack (15″x 15″ mat), large (20″x 20″ mat), and even one made to fit a bento box inside!

Whether for yourself at work/on outings, or for your child’s packed lunch every day, the FlatBox is guaranteed to remove anxiety and stress from a food allergen ridden world.

I wouldn’t hesitate one moment to purchase one of these extremely durable, well-made lunch boxes on their site {non-affiliate link}! The color options are endless 🙂

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