Nib Mor Chocolate: Review + GIVEAWAY!

For those of you who know me, you know that chocolate is life-sustaining for me.

I am a full-blown chocoholic and am not afraid to admit it.

And while a square of Dove or a Hershey’s Kiss is fine now and then, I’m always on the hunt for the newest beautiful, tasty, and dare-I-say healthy chocolate on the market–especially if it has other philanthropic or environmentally conscious aspects (remember my Raaka review?)

Well, let me tell you– Nib Mor Chocolate understands me.

Not only are their chocolates and drinking chocolates (OMG, right?) natural, certified organic, certified non-GMO, certified gluten-free, and certified vegan– but they’re Fair Trade Certified and the cocoa is even Rainforest Alliance Certified, something I’ve had my eye on for Fair Trade Month this month.

While they sell multiple drinking chocolates and many bar flavors–including my favorite, Sea Salt Dark, and even super fruit bars like blueberry and cacao nibs–my favorite is hands down the “Daily Dose of Dark” squares. These little friends, available in several flavors, find their way to my purse daily and are exactly that–a daily dose of dark. Who said chocolate isn’t medicine?

Now, Halloween season is about to kick-off, and I knew all ADSG readers would be looking for something a little more allergy-friendly and a lot more human-friendly (close out Fair Trade Month strong, everyone!) so I’ve partnered with Nib Mor to bring ADSG readers a special 20% discount code that is even valid on their Halloween specials.

Use code: C9D9OIWWI3XA on their shop website! They’ll even arrive by Halloween if you order in the next 3 days and shipping on orders over $25 is free.

But wait, it gets even better for one lucky reader–you could win everything you see in the picture below, thanks to Nib Mor!


Holy moly, right?

We’re going to do this a little differently this time, though.

Head over to my Instagram (@breezygfreezy) to enter!

Take it easy, but take it.



*Nib Mor provided chocolate for this review*


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