Food Allergy Bloggers Conference (FABlogCon) 2016 Recap

FABlogCon, the brainchild of Ms. Sprague, had been on my bucket list since I began food blogging in January 2013. All the chatter about feeling like you’re surrounded in a huge family, like you can just breathe a sigh of relief, like the safety of food is not a concern–they’re all true.

My passion–as demonstrated in my work on Find Your Ditto–is breathing in-person connections into the chronic illness community on an individual level. Jenny has accomplished her mission–creating a larger scale opportunity for the ever-important human connection in the food allergy community.

My roommate for the weekend, Esther {The Gluten Free Nerd}, has been a long-time online friend–following her quirky Instagram photos of delicious GF food with cartoon characters in the most creative videos I’ve ever seen. When I arrived at our room, she was waiting with open arms and celiac-safe, egg-free chocolate chip cookies.

As many of you know, I’m recently egg-free and it has been the most emotionally devastating food restriction I’ve dealt with to-date. With full transparency, I’ve lived on eggs my entire life as the best Brianna-safe low-carb food option and the discovery that they’d been making me deathly ill has turned my life upside down. I’m learning how to adjust but Esther’s gesture {and a weekend with people who have been doing the GF/EF thing for much longer than me!} lifted my spirits higher than any words can describe; I am forever grateful.

I followed the blogger track (though there was also an educational track all weekend) and attended sessions like Food Photography and Styling {keep an eye on Instagram for improvement!}, Legality and Taxes {with the funniest accountant I’ve ever met!}, and the ever-popular Expo.

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was Chef Keith and his attention to every single food detail. With hundreds of food needs–even my low carb request was catered to without a grunt or eye roll when beautiful proteins and veggies arrived at my table instead of pasta salads and potato bars.

I must give a particular shout-out to the most special experience of the weekend–I arrived at the final lunch dessert bar to find a sign with my name {well, my social name!} and cupcakes made with sugar-free frosting. The simple gesture Allergen Free Bakes made for me to enjoy a cupcake that weekend–gluten free, egg free, AND low BG impact–brought me to tears. I am so grateful for her love.


This community lifts me up and to see them in person was invaluable. To all the faces I can now match to Instagram and Twitter handles, I miss you already.

Take it easy, but take it.



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  • Angie

    I adore you, and I know we didn't get to speak much, but I was delighted upon meeting you (and Elizabeth) when Steve and I first arrived to the conference. I felt so nervous, and it helped me to find kind faces, and squeeze hands! When you reached out on IG about frosting-less treats, I was like HELL NO! A frosting-less cupcake is like... oh damn, it's like a sad sad muffin. Girl, you deserve all the decadence in the world! I'm not the best at sugar-free baking or sweets-making since I stopped using xylitol, but you know all my love went into trying, because my heart literally beats for inclusion! Thank you for stating your needs and letting me show up for you! I can't wait until next year! I believe in you, and your egg-free, gluten-free, low-carb adventures, and, as a Spoonie, I am looking forward to learning more about Find Your Ditto! <3

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