Arepazo Bros/Arepa: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Arepazo Bros/Arepa

Cuisine: Venezuelan Street Food

Location: Camden Lock Market


Coeliac UK Certified? No, but 100% gluten free

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Arepazo Bros {fully loaded arepa!}

Impressions: Walking around the Camden Lock Market is a must-have experience– this 365 day-a-year market is loaded with hidden artisan treasures and is swarming with people regardless of the weather. A highlight of the market is the dozens upon dozens of food stalls–better than any food truck lineup I’ve ever witnessed live or via photo. Every cuisine imaginable had a stall–and the gluten free/allergy friendly/vegan+vegetarian options are abound. With many 100% gluten free stalls to choose from, this gorgeous brightly-colored stall with the friendliest staff called out to me– I had to chow down a fully loaded arepa. Using 100% sunflower oil, this corn meal pocket with filled with pulled chicken and beef and topped with cheese, avocado, black beans, melted cheese, plantains, and pico de gallo–and they keep EVERY ingredient separate with its own utensil so they can prepare for any food allergy that comes their way {including dairy!} I chatted for awhile about ADSG and the celiac/food allergy community in the US and begged them to open a stall closer to home– I promised I’d bring them a big crowd + I knew I couldn’t keep myself from eating there many times a week! An absolute highlight of my trip.

Rating: 10+/10



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