Dorchester Afternoon Tea: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: The Dorchester — Afternoon Tea Service at the Promenade

Cuisine: Afternoon Tea

Location: Near Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? No

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Chef’s creations; full notice given with reservation + confirmed day before

Impressions: Surrounded in the most stunning atmosphere, I had a beautiful afternoon tea at the Dorchester. The chef was given advance notice of all my allergens– I mean come on, gluten and eggs are staples of afternoon tea offerings {finger sandwiches and pastries!} but this chef made me light up with delight! The first course was all different proteins, dairies, and special pickled vegetable combinations {see the photos– including kippers, smoked salmon, feta, cream cheese, beets, pickles, and more!} on beautiful toothpicks. The second course was a stunning display of fruit. The only disappointment is that there wasn’t anything offered to me for dessert, even given the advance notice. I’d hoped for some chocolate, even a simple small plate–which perhaps they’ll consider in the future!

Rating: 8/10



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