La Polenteria: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: La Polenteria

Cuisine: Italian

Location: Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? Yes

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes, and clearly marked on menu!

Dishes Tried: Aubergine caponata with homemade focaccia bread {yes, it’s vegan!} + duck breast marinated in wine and anise served with celeriac cream and grilled polenta

Impressions: If you’re seeking the Italian food experience from gluten free heaven, look no further. Upon sitting at our table, the waiter {who also happened to be the manager} immediately asked if anyone was gluten free or a celiac then asked about other allergies. Finally, he greeted us with “welcome to your food heaven!” The menu is clearly marked with every allergen below each menu item and despite many fresh pastas containing egg, many dishes {including several types of gnocchi!} were available to accommodate a host of allergies including egg free/vegan. The focaccia {made in house} was vegan and left me speechless as I ate piece after piece. I took some to go and ate it for breakfast the next morning in my hotel room! Due to the high carb nature of many dishes, I opted to have duck for dinner, which was lovely–though I did have to request it was cooked longer for my liking and the polenta was quite plain. Others at my table had duck ravioli, which was given extremely high ratings.

Rating: 8/10



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