Pho: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Pho

Cuisine: Vietnamese Street Food

Location: Dozens, including Soho + Islington + Spitalfields


Coeliac UK Certified? Yes {entire menu except one dessert + beer are gluten free, and dessert is packaged off site/kept packaged!}

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Phở tái {thinly sliced steak pho} with added bean sprouts and green beans

Impressions: Walking around London, I highly doubted I would run into somewhere nearly 100% gluten free {and accommodating of all allergens} that wasn’t already on my must-hit list, but low and behold, I found Pho! After walking around Spitalfields Market {a definite recommendation!}, I was starved and so grateful to find this tiny–and I mean tiny– spot that was barely big enough to walk into! Crunched up in a table against the window with my face practically in my bowl of pho, I devoured a delicious, hearty bowl of pho {one of dozens of options} with an enormous spoon. The flavors were bold and of course, I added sriracha–my fave. There are locations all over the UK as well, not just London, so be sure to check one out for lunch or dinner for a quick, safe bite!

Rating: 10/10


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