Yorica: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Yorica

Cuisine: Dessert

Location: Wardour Street, Soho

Website: http://www.yorica.com/

Coeliac UK Certified? No, but 100% gluten, dairy, egg, and nut free shop!

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes, but soy on premises. All vegan/GF.

Dishes Tried: Ice cream and frozen yogurt, waffle cones, and fresh warm waffles + toppings!

Impressions: If you’ve visited my Instagram while I was abroad, this was one of the few places I actually posted a photo from while away. Their dedication to safe, enjoyable desserts for everyone put a smile on my face that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t believe that I was eating a bowl of vegan froyo with a warm waffle AND toppings that were 100% gluten free–and that was one of many options! I also tried a waffle cone because how could I miss out–delectable and crunchy and just too fun! My only wish? That one was in Chicago!


Rating: 10/10
















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