Inn on Randolph: Napa, California

If you are seeking a highlight travel experience away from the hustle of a city, whether you or your loved one are someone living with celiac, gluten intolerance, food allergies or not, look no further than the Inn on Randolph.

Tucked into a darling residential area of Napa, this beautiful inn is simply full of gems. From the little coffee and tea station in the main room to the fresh cookies upon arrival {made according to your specific food allergies–yes, mine were egg free}, you’ll feel like you entered a different world. People speak gently and with a smile; no ask is too great.


Oh, and of course, the Inn on Randolph is 100% gluten free.

When I asked the owners about why it wasn’t a more prominent feature on the website {you really have to search for it!} and about how many people with food allergies and/or celiac/gluten free needs come to stay at the inn, I was surprised. The innkeeper told me that they find only ~20% of their guests even need their gluten free offerings.

Now, wait a minute. I travelled across the country for a gluten free inn. However, the Inn on Randolph also is one of the most well-kept, clean, treasures of a stay I’ve ever had. People just happen to choose this inn without even knowing that even bite of food they consume is gluten free.

Each room can host two individuals; I was traveling with my mom and sister and stayed in the Fowler Suite + Union Room. Baskets of goodies greeted us upon entry (besides the home baked cookies!) and the staff noted that every toiletry item was 100% gluten free and allergy friendly as well. The simple sigh of relief that ensued from knowing that I didn’t have to dig into my suitcase for safe shampoo and conditioner made the trip all that more special.

The next morning, Chef prepared a lovely breakfast accommodating every single need of our table–including low sugar for the 2 type 1 diabetics. We even had egg free muffins to start! On my way out of the inn, they handed us their cookbook and some extra egg free cookie dough, since it wouldn’t spoil in my carry on during the flight home and they saw my pure delight in having something so special awaiting my arrival.


Thank you so much to the Inn on Randolph ladies. You are creating a world of relaxation and beauty for all of your guests–but especially for those that have extra concerns when traveling, like me and the loved ones who travel alongside me. Though we were only able to stay for one night, it was so special. I cannot wait to return.

Take it easy, but take it.




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