Range — A Chicago Farm-to-Table, Allergy Friendly Gem

Last night for Ben’s birthday {happy birthday, love!}, I made a reservation for the two of us at Range, located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

I had corresponded with Megan, their general manager, via email over the last several weeks after noting all the GF and VEG symbols on their menu.

Now, I’d lived in LP from 2005-2015 and Range opened in 2013, but I’d never checked it out!

After a lovely email exchange where Megan went above and beyond to run all of my allergens by the kitchen, propose many safe options, and book a reservation for me, I was eager to check it all out.

After we were seated, our kind waitress came over with a print-out of the email from Megan, complete with my name in caps and highlighted. What a relief to see everyone was informed– from back-of-house to the front!

I opted for their grass-fed burger on lettuce and herb fries {dedicated fryer with canola oil!}, though even their standard mac n’ cheese and chicken tenders were GF! That’s the way to do it.

While we were waiting for our meals to arrive, our waitress arrived with ketchup and spicy ketchup by 78 Brand, a local company in-line with the farm-to-table experience. Before I could even say a word, she said “I opened these new bottles for you just over there at the bar; no one has used them!” THEY KNEW TO OPEN NEW BOTTLES OF CONDIMENTS. I knew I was safe.

When I say this hamburger was one of the most delicious burgers I’d ever had, cooked to a perfect medium, I’d be understating my experience. Not to mention, that spicy ketchup was absolutely incredible. 

Hey, 78 Brand, I’m on the hunt for your delicious condiments!

Range Chicago Burger

There are many safe options for a variety of food allergies, and the dinner menu is ~90% gluten free as-is! In the summer, Range open up their whole front {looks like floor-to-ceiling windows, but are actually doors!} for fresh air and we can’t wait to return.

Thank you again, Range team. You’ve got a lifetime fan.

Take it easy, but take it.


PS- They also have a brunch menu with copious GF options! I’ll check it out soon.


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