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*imaware health {at-home celiac screening and monitoring kits} sponsored this post; my opinions are my own*

Have you have either fought your doctor for a Celiac test, had to wait endless weeks/months for an appointment to get your answers, or even been diagnosed Celiac but simply wanted to ensure your body is appropriately responding to the gluten free diet?

I imagine the answer is a resounding yes.

I’ve partnered with a new company, imaware health, to tell you about the latest development in Celiac screening and monitoring technology: at-home testing kits. imaware has 2 main disease states they’ve developed at this time: Celiac and Rheumatoid Arthritis {with more diseases to come soon!}. For Celiac testing, they have 2 kits:

  • At-home Celiac test
  • At-home Celiac monitoring

The true test is $99, utilizes the testing gold standards, and gives you physician-reviewed results in just 5 days. How wild is that?

The monitoring kit is $89 and can be a single-purchase or on 2, 4, or 6-month delivery schedules. This test assesses tTG-IgA as well as three additional biomarkers to ensure that your gut is healing from appropriate adherence to the GF diet.

You might be wondering, so how does the actual at-home test work?

imaware health kit laid out with components showing on a table

The test arrives at your doorstep with the most clear, concrete directions. Here’s the gist: wash your hands, use the alcohol swab, poke your finger {I know, not as easily accepted by those non-T1Ds, but I promise it’s not bad!}, and collect 5 drops of blood in the prelabeled tube.

imaware health labeled test vial with my name and ID number

Send the tube back in the prepaid envelope the same day you collect it and await your online results!

I’ll be sure to report back when my results come in, but I was too excited to tell you about this new Celiac screening and monitoring technology– backed by my Celiac doctor, Dr. Guandalini at the University of Chicago Celiac Center, alongside other world-renowned experts!

Well, you all know me. I’m not just going to tell you about this exciting technology; I’m going to get you involved. So MARK YOUR CALENDARS because we’re going to TWITTER PARTY!

Join me and imaware’s co-founder, Jani Tuomi, on Monday February 4th {that’s a week from tomorrow!} at 7pm CST for a big-time party about their Celiac screening and monitoring kits with lots of amazing prizes that you won’t want to miss.

imaware twitter party promo image for chat about celiac screening and monitoring kits; February 4th at 7pm CST, RSVP via rafflecopter link

RSVP needed in order to win! Follow to the Rafflecopter to enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Take it easy, but take it– and “see” you on the 4th!



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  • Kim ledford

    I would love to monitor my celiac from home. Save me time and money and give me piece of mind. @mustbgfree

    • Brianna

      Absolutely! And then you can bring the results straight to your doctor!

  • Maqhi

    I think this is a great resource. I would love to be able to test for rheumatoid arthritis at home. I think more people will test for both celiac and rheumatoid arthritis if they could do at home. I wish this had been available when my daughter was a child. It would have saved so much suffering if it had been diagnosed early. I would love to be able to test for rheumatoid arthritis at home.

    • Brianna

      I couldn't agree more! The simplicity of at-home testing then allows you to just make your follow-up with your physician with test results in-hand!

  • Nicole Dawson

    It's amazing the things that are available now to make testing and screening easier.

    • Brianna

      Right? This makes the testing process more convenient and gives you results you can take straight to a follow-up appointment.

  • Jules Shepard

    What an amazing time we live in! Just fantastic!

  • Halyse Cole

    Can’t wait to learn more about this tomorrow night at your Twitter party!

  • Erin Dee

    So great that this is available for use at home!

  • Celeste

    Great info! Glad there are options for at-home testing now!

  • Erica

    I LOVE these guys. Disclosure - I'm working with them too, but this is exactly what we needed in the marketplace for celiac - and I'm really excited about their tests that are coming after their celiac test too!

  • Cassandra D

    Thank you for the information. Great imaware offering.

  • Kristen Wood

    I've never actually been tested, but only discovered through trial and error how much better being gluten-free makes me feel. I've been anxious to test for a while now, and I love how affordable and easy these tests are!

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