A Gotham Greens Visit

*I was invited to tour the Gotham Greens HQ/Greenhouse in the Chicago Pullman area. I was not paid for my time or this review; I was given products at the end of the tour. All opinions are my own, as always!*

Do you feel a sense of peace and calm when you enter a quiet, green space? Funny enough, there’s actually loads of science to support it– everything from migraine reduction to overall reduced stress [see here].

Well, I got that deep sense of calm in an unexpected place– the rooftop of the Method soap HQ in a south Chicago neighborhood, Pullman, which just happens to house an entirely renewable-energy-driven greenhouse filled with rows upon rows of basil and lettuce. 

Thanks to Natalia at Gotham Greens, I got to spend Monday morning surrounded by rich smells and bright green leafy goodness! I have enjoyed GG products since I discovered them earlier this year in my local Plum Market — and was even more excited to try their pestos and salad dressing at the Nourished Festival in Schaumburg this past June. If you’re following me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my particular affinity for their heads of butter lettuce, perfect for creating little lunch wraps.

Here are some amazing things I learned about how Gotham Greens is really doing something special:

  • They’re powered by renewable energy, both wind and solar.
  • They’re entirely pesticide-free {which, I learned, is not a given fact if something is organic!}
  • A follow-up to that: they use natural predators as pest control {think spiders and butterflies!}
  • They operate on a hydroponic system, which means no soil — just water! And, curiously, hydroponic farming techniques actually use 90% less water than traditional farming.
  • Produce grown using hydroponics cannot currently be classified as organic, because the true classification is surrounding the soil use! So, GG is pesticide-free with sustainable practices, but without soil, you won’t find them in the organic section of your store {I found this absolutely wild.}

As a 5th generation Chicagoan, I’m also proud to tell you about how GG is employing local people in a neighborhood that’s been pushed out-of-sight, out-of-mind for a lot of Chicagoans. I was fortunate to meet some of the lovely humans harvesting these delicious greens and will be thinking of them every time I open a new container. 

Thank you again to Natalia and the GG team for having me {and the other lovely GF ladies I went with — Joanna and Angela!} — we even got to have a little picnic after!

Lettuce with a bottle of Gotham Greens dressing and several containers of pesto.

What do you want to know about GG practices? What would you make with some of those fresh greens? Looking for a recipe for something? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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