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Berner’s Tavern: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Berner’s Tavern

Cuisine: Contemporary

Location: Soho, inside London Edition Hotel


Coeliac UK Certified? No

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Only ate breakfast, though could create dishes at all meals; stayed at hotel; had yogurt+ berries, chef’s creation with veggies + smoked salmon {see photos}

Impressions: I stayed at the London Edition for my quick trip, as the chef in Berner’s Tavern guaranteed all meals could be prepared safely for any allergen {I try to stay in places that can guarantee safe meals in the possible event that all restaurants fall through–which is always a possibility when traveling!} Upon explaining my allergies, they prepared the yogurt dish without granola {I added my trusty SunKrunch from my bag–both in the restaurant and when I ordered room service one morning} and created a dish with smoked salmon and avocado, right up my alley! The chef could create anything from lunch or dinner, though I didn’t get a chance to try– a Michelin starred chef, nonetheless! If you’re not staying at the hotel, be sure to make reservations– they’re famous for their weekend brunch.

Rating: 10/10

Pho: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Pho

Cuisine: Vietnamese Street Food

Location: Dozens, including Soho + Islington + Spitalfields


Coeliac UK Certified? Yes {entire menu except one dessert + beer are gluten free, and dessert is packaged off site/kept packaged!}

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Phở tái {thinly sliced steak pho} with added bean sprouts and green beans

Impressions: Walking around London, I highly doubted I would run into somewhere nearly 100% gluten free {and accommodating of all allergens} that wasn’t already on my must-hit list, but low and behold, I found Pho! After walking around Spitalfields Market {a definite recommendation!}, I was starved and so grateful to find this tiny–and I mean tiny– spot that was barely big enough to walk into! Crunched up in a table against the window with my face practically in my bowl of pho, I devoured a delicious, hearty bowl of pho {one of dozens of options} with an enormous spoon. The flavors were bold and of course, I added sriracha–my fave. There are locations all over the UK as well, not just London, so be sure to check one out for lunch or dinner for a quick, safe bite!

Rating: 10/10

Dorchester Afternoon Tea: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: The Dorchester — Afternoon Tea Service at the Promenade

Cuisine: Afternoon Tea

Location: Near Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? No

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Chef’s creations; full notice given with reservation + confirmed day before

Impressions: Surrounded in the most stunning atmosphere, I had a beautiful afternoon tea at the Dorchester. The chef was given advance notice of all my allergens– I mean come on, gluten and eggs are staples of afternoon tea offerings {finger sandwiches and pastries!} but this chef made me light up with delight! The first course was all different proteins, dairies, and special pickled vegetable combinations {see the photos– including kippers, smoked salmon, feta, cream cheese, beets, pickles, and more!} on beautiful toothpicks. The second course was a stunning display of fruit. The only disappointment is that there wasn’t anything offered to me for dessert, even given the advance notice. I’d hoped for some chocolate, even a simple small plate–which perhaps they’ll consider in the future!

Rating: 8/10


Arepazo Bros/Arepa: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Arepazo Bros/Arepa

Cuisine: Venezuelan Street Food

Location: Camden Lock Market


Coeliac UK Certified? No, but 100% gluten free

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Arepazo Bros {fully loaded arepa!}

Impressions: Walking around the Camden Lock Market is a must-have experience– this 365 day-a-year market is loaded with hidden artisan treasures and is swarming with people regardless of the weather. A highlight of the market is the dozens upon dozens of food stalls–better than any food truck lineup I’ve ever witnessed live or via photo. Every cuisine imaginable had a stall–and the gluten free/allergy friendly/vegan+vegetarian options are abound. With many 100% gluten free stalls to choose from, this gorgeous brightly-colored stall with the friendliest staff called out to me– I had to chow down a fully loaded arepa. Using 100% sunflower oil, this corn meal pocket with filled with pulled chicken and beef and topped with cheese, avocado, black beans, melted cheese, plantains, and pico de gallo–and they keep EVERY ingredient separate with its own utensil so they can prepare for any food allergy that comes their way {including dairy!} I chatted for awhile about ADSG and the celiac/food allergy community in the US and begged them to open a stall closer to home– I promised I’d bring them a big crowd + I knew I couldn’t keep myself from eating there many times a week! An absolute highlight of my trip.

Rating: 10+/10


Côte Brasserie: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Côte Brasserie

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Location: Many!


Coeliac UK Certified? Yes

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Piquant Mixed Olives, Smoked Salmon Starter, Steak Frites, Iced Berries

Impressions: A perfect pre-theater dinner! I played it safe and simple, as we were traveling back to the US the next day, with dishes that I could see the entirety of the ingredients right on the plate! The most fun was having frites– fried in a dedicated frier and made from 100% potatoes. For a steakhouse, the prices were remarkably low–which made this spot recommendable for a grab and go bite any day of the week! The gluten free menu, which is Coeliac UK certified, is extremely extensive and all staff is extremely well trained in all allergens.

Rating: 7/10