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Casita Andina: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Casita Andina

Cuisine: Peruvian, Tapas

Location: Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? No, but almost entire menu GF and most vegan/vegetarian

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Crunchy Corn, Aubergine Jalea, Aji de Gallina {no quail egg}, Salmon Escabeche, Classic Ceviche, Causa Andina

Impressions: This was hands down my favorite dining experience in London. Again, this was my FAVORITE dining experience. Cocina con cariño– cooked with love– written on the wall and felt in every dish. The ingredients are beautifully sourced with local produce {mainly organic and fair trade} and traceable/high welfare/red tractor farms for meats. The majority of the menu is gluten free, with many vegan and vegetarian options and an extremely knowledgeable staff and kitchen. I had marked my allergens in my reservation online and by the time I had taken my seat, the manager was at my side having reviewed the entire menu with the chef to inform me of the available safe dishes for lunch that day. I could have eaten at Casita Andina for brunch, lunch, and dinner every day of the trip– I even purchased the Ceviche cookbook by their owner and head chef whom I met that day to try my hand at his dishes upon returning back home. Though I was unable to try the other Andina restaurants in the group throughout London, I have no doubt the teams at the others would handle all allergens just as beautifully. A truly unforgettable culinary experience with bold, exquisite flavors.

Rating: 10+/10


La Polenteria: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: La Polenteria

Cuisine: Italian

Location: Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? Yes

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes, and clearly marked on menu!

Dishes Tried: Aubergine caponata with homemade focaccia bread {yes, it’s vegan!} + duck breast marinated in wine and anise served with celeriac cream and grilled polenta

Impressions: If you’re seeking the Italian food experience from gluten free heaven, look no further. Upon sitting at our table, the waiter {who also happened to be the manager} immediately asked if anyone was gluten free or a celiac then asked about other allergies. Finally, he greeted us with “welcome to your food heaven!” The menu is clearly marked with every allergen below each menu item and despite many fresh pastas containing egg, many dishes {including several types of gnocchi!} were available to accommodate a host of allergies including egg free/vegan. The focaccia {made in house} was vegan and left me speechless as I ate piece after piece. I took some to go and ate it for breakfast the next morning in my hotel room! Due to the high carb nature of many dishes, I opted to have duck for dinner, which was lovely–though I did have to request it was cooked longer for my liking and the polenta was quite plain. Others at my table had duck ravioli, which was given extremely high ratings.

Rating: 8/10


Yorica: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Yorica

Cuisine: Dessert

Location: Wardour Street, Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? No, but 100% gluten, dairy, egg, and nut free shop!

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes, but soy on premises. All vegan/GF.

Dishes Tried: Ice cream and frozen yogurt, waffle cones, and fresh warm waffles + toppings!

Impressions: If you’ve visited my Instagram while I was abroad, this was one of the few places I actually posted a photo from while away. Their dedication to safe, enjoyable desserts for everyone put a smile on my face that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t believe that I was eating a bowl of vegan froyo with a warm waffle AND toppings that were 100% gluten free–and that was one of many options! I also tried a waffle cone because how could I miss out–delectable and crunchy and just too fun! My only wish? That one was in Chicago!


Rating: 10/10















Niche: London Restaurant Review

Restaurant Name: Niche

Cuisine: Casual; comfort food

Location: Islington, near Soho


Coeliac UK Certified? Yes

Accommodating of ALL ALLERGENS? Yes

Dishes Tried: Spicy Vegetable Fritter, Beer Battered Onion Rings, Superfood Salad, Niche Fried Chicken Basket, Apple and Blackberry Crumble {no custard}; others tried Christmas Turkey Pie {not egg free}

Impressions: Most fun gluten free food I think I’ve ever had! Between a tiny basket of fried chicken and those onion rings–which I’ve never had as a celiac– I was in foodie heaven! The chef and owner came out to my table and said “Brianna, like breezy on the internet, the blogger! You’re in my restaurant!” It was the sweetest thing. They were 100% accommodating for all of my allergens and the restaurant is 100% gluten free. Menu is marked for vegan and vegetarian dishes, but almost anything on the menu can be modified to fit your dietary needs. I even got a delicious, warm crumble for dessert served in a mini cast iron skillet!

Rating: 10/10